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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Table after day 7....

Makes good reading after the weekend :

The hacks will say that we still lack goals.....but when you have shipped just 2 in 7 games, and even those were an own goal and a dubious have to say the method is working......AND LOOK WHO IS TOP! They will also forget to mention that we are 5th highest scorers, and the meanest defence. But hey, reading that berk Ernesto Fernandez in La Opinion, he thinks he is a better coach than Mourinho, and evidently has never been interested in segunda B he hasn't a clue. Last week he demanded Isaac as a starter and strongly criticised Kike Garcia. This week Isaac started and Kike was on the bench.....and did we score 5, or will Mr. know-it-all say we worse in attack? You stick to information Ernesto. Yer Numpty.

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