Aleeeee Real Murcia .....

Friday, October 29, 2010


Yep, I know I'm being boring and banging on about it......but I nearly choked on my breakfast this morning. The missus had put the telly on...Tele 5.....and when it came to the "sports" news it was a complete joke.

There were some Copa Del Rey ties last night, and fans of those involved must be fuming, as only at the very end, only in passing and with zero detail, was any mention made. What came first? Yep, you guessed, non-news for the white and bluered. Xabi Alonso has been recording and publicity spot. Second? David Villa and Messi getting make-up for another publicity spot. Is it any wonder most of Spain say the Copa del Rey no interesa , and that anything other than supporting one of the duopoly like sheep is ridiculed? Why do "sports" reporters tut and shake their heads when another side goes into administration when they actively contribute by total ignorance, ridicule and treating everyone but the mighty Madrid and all conquering Barsa as complete nobodies?

Kids in Santiago, Seville, Albacete, Salamanca, Cordoba, Murcia....everywhere......are force fed crap and end up growing to being on one side or the other of the boring and tedious duopoly, not realizing that Madrid=Barsa=Madrid=Barsa, supporting Madrid is the same as supporting Barsa and vice-versa. Fine if you a vested being a Madrileño or a Barcelonés. But damaging elsewhere where you local outfit really struggle for support.

Is it only winning that matters? Not for me.


  1. And what was the first sports news I saw when logging on today-you guessed-Cristian Ronaldo`s new boots! Let`s hope he can´t score against Real Murcia in these ones either.

  2. Keep on blogging, Guiri!
    Err, talking about snowballs..., I have a question for you...
    What to do on Halloween in a country that has no fucking idea of what All Hallows' Eve means?
    Spain is different?

  3. Make yourself a bunker, Raul. Close curtains, lights off, dont answer the door.