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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Local Hero?

On Tuesday, it is likely that Pedro Leon will be in Real Madrid's line up at the New Condomina. Pedro came up through Real Murcia's youth system, made his debut while a teenager, became a regular in our side, and seemed like a nice lad who would make a good career at the club, eventually maybe moving on for big bucks. He was one of our own. For whatever reason, Pedro suddenly, shall we say, "matured" during the 06-07 promotion season, under Lucas Alcaraz.

I say matured.....from being humble, he suddenly started demanding a first team berth, making his own mind up about his best position, and complaining about some invented ill treatment from the coach. You would think he had been out of the side for a stint, or was being made to play right back or something, but this wasn't the case. Things came to a head and he turned up at the club's offices with a fax from Levante with a transfer offer, and claimed he had always dreamed of playing for that club. These are not the actions of a committed youth product.....whether he was influenced by greedy agents or whoever, I don't know but it is likely. He got his way and was transferred to Levante for a couple of million euros (which I think they still owe us!).

Now here's the strange thing......despite Pedro Leon's behaviour in forcing a transfer, 75% of Real Murcia's fans take the easy hack-guided route and blame arch bad-guys Lucas Alcaraz and owner Jesus Samper for his departure. Unfortunately the fact that many supporters always blame the club for whatever happens as a matter of course, is a cross Real Murcia have to bare, and nothing will change that. The worst of this attitude was shown when Pedro came to visit with Levante.....scoring a decent goal (how predictable!) and far from being booed and jeered....was bloody applauded! A guy who basically stuck two fingers up at us. Incredible.

Pedro Leon grabs his Real Murcia badge and shows his passion (photo 1)....just a few months away from becoming frustrated by lack of oportunities, despite being in the first 11 almost every game.

Cue his move to he is at the club of his dreams (Photo 2).....little did they know that just 12 month later he would be pulling a similar stunt on them, even going on stike in order to force a move away....

Real Valladolid were his next he is (photo 3) loving the shirt. Oh but don't fall for it. Just a few months later young Pedro was unhappy again and demanding a move away....

Pedro was turning in some good performances, admittedly. His next port of call...Getafe (photo 4)....but, again....a few months later...he was off....

Finally he has arrived at his desired destination (photo 5)....the top....Real Madrid. Will Pedro now think he is bigger than this club, as he did with Murcia, Levante, Valladolid and Getafe?

I'm sure the numpty sheep who follow the press anti-murcia line will again give Pedro Leon a nice sporting round of applause, and make agreeing nodding faces at each other, before turing to the directors box to tell them "now THAT is a player!".

But....there are a few of us, a minority, who will give León his deserved welcome....and will boo and jeer his every move. I find it unbelieveable that some people welcome someone who shat on us from a height and has continued to crap on all and sundry year after year.....he's had more clubs that Jack Niklaus....5 in 5 seasons. As far as I am concerned he represents the very worst type of player. Talented, but unscrupulous, cunning, canniving, greedy, vile lying toerag....and Pedro, you can go shove it up you hole, and those who will dumbly applaude as you stick the knife in can shove it up their's too.

I'll get me coat.

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