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Friday, October 1, 2010


Friday! At last! QPR - Millwall was interesting on Tuesday. The game was pretty dire, but I enjoyed, after so many games in Spain, the atmosphere, the fact that the fans all get behind their team and don't sit there munching birdfood the whole game. It turned a bit ugly after.....I could see as we were departing that the two sets of fans had started hurling things at each other. So like a good coward I made a swift getaway.

News today is that Real Murcia have closed the season ticket campaign with a total of 8.676 holders. This is down from last season, but after relegation to segunda B is a pretty good total, second only to Oviedo in the category. don't look so great when you consider that just 3 years ago, in Primera....the club had to limit the number of season tickets to 25,000. So since then 16.324 have decided not to renew, and says a lot about the fickleness of support...or about how bad the team have been over the last 3 seasons. It does however make clear that, doing well, the club can have a big following, even if a percentage of those do only get their pass so they can see their real teams when they come to town (you know, the usual suspects, Madrid and Barcelona).

Team news ahead of the game against Almeria B (Saturday 18.00 at the NC, thats 17.00 p.m. in the UK, you can again watch live via the club website) is that Luciano will replace the suspended Gotor, Chando will be fit, and that Dani Aquino is now back in full training and is ready for selection. I hope Dani gets a chance - he has had terrible luck with injuries over the last year, and from attracting attention from some of the top clubs he has fallen completely off the radar. At his best......he is far too good for this league, and probably for segunda also.....

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  1. I also hope Dani Aquino gets his chance he's a young player that has showed a lot of promise.If we can keep 11 on the pitch tomorrow hopefully we'll see a good game even though I can only watch it through the club website,but this is better than nothing at all. I think the season ticket numbers are quite reasonable considering,like you say relegation etc,etc.