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Monday, August 23, 2010

Real Murcia 2 Elche 0

Deserved victory for Real Murcia. Although it could be argued that Elche didn't really turn up, they did provoke the crowd into some anti-Elche chants by continually being over zealous with their takling, many yellow cards were shown and even one of their palyers saw red for a second bookable offence.

Real Murcia lined up with :
Ander Gago, Gotor, Álvaro Cámara, Óscar Sánchez
Miguel Albiol (Isaac) - Juan Aguilera (Urzaiz) - Richi - Molino (Abraham Noé)
Pedro - Chando (Samuel 44')

Albiol scored from a free kick, Pedro adding the second.

I was most impressed by Aguilera. How on earth the club had considered loaning him out I really don't know. Ander Gago had a good game, Richi did everything perfectly (nothing new!), Pedro took his goal very well, Camara looked like an uncomplicated tough defender.

Only just under 5,000 at the New Condomina, which was a disappointment.

The months since Gerona have passed slowly, and not without concerns. Many a time I have thought of the season to come, the fact we will be in segunda B - a very unattractive league, how tough it is going to be, that a return to segunda is not a foregone conclusion, the loss of some of the better players, the loss of the more fairweather supporters. I was feeling gloomy.....but yesterday was a real help. Only a few minutes in I realized that....despite everything, 11 geezers with a red shirts will go out each weekend to defend Real Murcia. The feeling and desire was the same, even in a friendly. I finally feel that everything is going to be OK. It's even going to be fun!

Next stop : Puertollano in the Cup on Wednesday. 4 spots in the Guiricar are filled, should be a grin.

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