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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Long Summer....comes to an end....REAL MURCIA - ELCHE

Can't wait for Sunday...back to the New Condomina, the lads, the cervezas....and as big a "must win" friendly as you can see. Those amongst the support that are inconditional won't jump to any conclusions......but if things don't go to plan then the split loyalty fans (Real Madrid / Barcelona) will decide very quickly to become critical - and local press will stick the knife in as far as they can....not leaving any margin for the improvement that will come over time for what is basically a new squad. This isn't helpful.....and is an insight into the mentality. I suspect that some are even openly wishing for a disaster just so they can say "I told you so"......

I told Gifton Noel Wiliams, the day he signed for Real Murcia 3 or 4 years ago...."when you get on, just make bloody sure your first touch is a good one.....coz if it aint, the crowd will be on your back for the duration of your stay at the club". And when the crowd is mumbling every time you get the ball even Messi would lose confidence. Good for him, his first touch was a magnificent through ball, then he scored later in the game....and although he departed the club at the end of that season (Murcia were promoted) he does have hero status. I can imagine that if his first touch had evaded him, the ball bobbling away for a throw in, he would have been executed in the eyes of the ultra critial 50%, who, between munching through kilos of birdfood ("pipas") would have made life impossible.

So, not just any old pre-season game. VAMOS REAL MURCIA!

Before this, tomorrow (Thursday) evening, there is another warm up game against Alicante at the Municipal de Villafranqueza (just off the A7 motorway). Let's hope we can start scoring a few goals.

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