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Saturday, August 14, 2010

7305 Thick Skinned Heroes

That's a very good number for segunda B.....almost doubles the number Real Murcia has last time they were in the division a decade ago. This includes over 500 new members. The fanbase, the hardcore, has definately grown, despite the setbacks. True, we have suffered a dramatic fall in numbers. 3 seasons ago in primera we reached 25,000 passes, and there could have been more, but the club put 25,000 as the limit. This goes to show the posibilities in Murcia if we are minimally successful.

However....something always conspires to scupper any big plans - relegation from primera and you lose 40% of the members, failure to go up the following season and you are down to 10,000. The "didn't WE play well on Saturday" from my work collegues when things are good, become "YOUR Murcia were shit yesterday" with such speed and lack of any shame. The mockery you can suffer in Murcia being a Real Murcia supporter must be difficult to equal anywhere.

So the 7305, I salute you. The 17,000 odd weak gloryhunters who jumped ship when they were'll be back again when we are promoted, celebrating shamlessly at the Redonda, just as you have/will do when your real team last won/wins the Liga or the Champions League.

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