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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Tomorrow, tomorrow.......

This year has been especially tough for everyone concerned with Real Murcia.....and most of all for the fans. Not the fairweather fans who complain when the cheap seats run out when we are promoted to Primera, or fill seats when they are free or reduced but moan when the football on show isn't on a par with what Barcelona or Real Madrid serve up on TV, but the hardcore who turn up week in week out. It has been hard to take, nearly all desperate, with very rare moments of cheer. Bad decisions or plain ineptitude at board level, referees with a hidden but obvious agenda against our owner, the indolence and lack of professionalism from many squad members, and massive doses of the worst luck you can imagine. All capped with a cruel and undeserved (for the fans) relegation.

Tomorrow could bring celebrations of enourmous proportions to the whole country. Everyone seems to be caught up in the euforia, as is normal. But when things are good it's easy. I count myself as an England supporter.....but can celebrate a possible Spain victory fully with my wife and spanish born kids. the case Spain do lift the world cup......and between cava, G&T and abrazos, my thoughts will be for the real supporters, those that follow Oviedo or Poli Ejido, Cadiz or Racing Ferrol. For the supporters of Madrid or Barcelona who are the majority, it will be just another celebration. The same as their last title, Copa del rey or european cup. For those who have never lived such priviledge, and for whom it is unlikely ever to be repeated, it may be the highlight of their supporting life.

But most of all I will be thinking of the 600 peppermen who shed tears in Gerona. You deserve really do. And I know that promotion back to segunda will mean even more than a world cup.


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  1. Champiñones, Champiñones..(Mushrooms in Spanish if you need it translating) If England couldn´t be world champs (laugh laugh)then its great to see Spain do it-a victory for football-as QPR winning the league in 1976 would have been. Mushrooms? well supporters of Real Murcia are used to being kept in the dark and fed sh.. Anyway if we go up next May/June (QPR/Real Murcia)I´ll enjoy it more than the world cup.