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Friday, July 9, 2010

Sergio speaks.....

On the doubts over his experience and his new challenge he commented that "I accept it naturally. I will try to convince anyone with doubts, not with words, but with deeds. Time is my biggest and best ally. With hope, desire and effort I will take this forward". Responsibility does not scare Sergio, who added he is "conscious of the challenge that presents itself for the grandeur of the institution, it's fans and the city". The coach has yet to be named, but Sergio didn't mark any deadline...."we can close this in 20 minutes or in 3 days. We are compiling all the information that we are getting, it's an important position, and we want to be sure of the decision we make. And there are no limits as far as the candidates curriculum is concerned, it could be someone with no experience of this division, or another who may have 200 games in it". He laso refered to the squad for next season, which includes may ex playing colleagues, many he counts as friends...."I will have to leave sentiments aside, as I can't be outside the boundaries we have marked. We will look for the best solutions for everyone. We have important players now, and they can also be important in the future. Those already here and those that will arrive will have to display hope, committment, humbleness and effort. Those are the minimum requirements that we demand from whoever forms a part of this project".

Well best of luck Sergio.....I think you will be missed on the pitch, but I am sure your attitude, with the backing of the Sampers, will mean a very committed squad and less internal strife (Just make sure the players keep out of the Plaza 3 bar, theres a good man). The lack of leadership from the suits has been a glaring error over the last few seasons. President Serantes, as I have said, only inspires sleep. We might as well have a scarecrow or a blow up doll in his seat. No backing for the players when refs have been extracting the micheal. Absurd comments every time he opened his gob. That can't be, and it rubs off through the club.

Photo : Sergio Fernandez, with the new managing director, Victor Alonso, and in the middle, Juan Antonio Samper, Uncle Sams uglier sister.

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