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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Quotes from Iñaki Alonso

"A return to the second division is the only objective of this project, and when you have such a complicated objective, we should all pull together and combine our efforts, as if we are not together it will be even more difficult. Inn adversity is when you really see the personality of the players, coaches, management and jornalists. The objective is to regenerate the situation, recover our hope and win, knowing that the shortest route to getting good results is to play well".

"My aspiration is that my teams are very competitive, above better or worse play. I will be myself ans the person and coach that has made this club look to me"

"I had offers from various clubs in the second division, but the offer from Real Murcia, despite being in segunda B, was more important. Both the club and myself had to consider carefully. When Real Murcia came calling it was as if I the skies had cleared, and even if there was some toing and froing, the sporting aspect always came first and I am proud to manage this team, it is a great opportunity I have been given".

"Real Murcia will be one of the teams to beat, maybe the team to beat in the group. There will be difficult moments, complicated, a lot of pressure, and if we can overcome them, I am sure that we will do well in this league. We won't win games just because we wear a Real Murcia shirt, we will have to fight".

"The signings will be made by consensus, but the last word will be with the club, and at Real Murcia the club makes the signings, in this case Sergio Fernandez, but Sergio is inteligent, is getting through a flood of work, and was waiting to know his manager. What we can't do is spend recklessly, there is little or no money, and we all have to work together"

"For me it is an honour and an opportunity to coach Real Murcia and that is why I am here. I need to adapt quickly. I will be myself, the coach that has bet on Real Murcia. I have come from a small team that came close to a miracle, but Murcia is different".

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