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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

No Smoke Without Fire.....

In the aftermath of Spain's world cup victory, finally there is some....I won't say news, as nothing is confirmed.....are some rumours.

Best placed to take over as manager is Iñaki Alonso. Alonso has experience in segunda B, as he led Irun to promotion (and was also relegated from segunda this season). However, he is a young coach.....this would be his first appointment outside of the Basque country. Before promotion with Irun, he managed Lemona to seventh place in 2B on a very limited budget. Managing a bigger club like Real Murcia is a big step up as the potential is that much greater, and the demand for immediate promotion and the pressure that involves will be there.

It is reported that Richi (Ricardo Perez de Zabalza) could return to Real Murcia. This would be magnificent news.....he played six seasons for the peppermen between 2002 and 2008, pure class in midfield. It's a shame he departed for Tenerife when Javier Clemente made an ill advised clear out before the 08/09 season. He featured in 22 games in primera liga for Tenerife last normally this sounds a bit far fetched. But.....his better half is a Murciana.....and, like pigeons, they are homing.....this I know through first hand experience! This signing would be great for let's hope for confirmation.

Fingers crossed for real news tomorrow.....

Photo : Richi shows De Jong how to do it.

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