Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Local press start their smear campaign....

For me one of the pillars of Real Murcia's historical mediocrity is the fact that the local press have, in the majority (with a few honourable exceptions) always tried to sway public opinion against the team, manager and owner, be we 9th in Primera or just relegated to segunda B. The glass is half empty, whatever the situation. If we were to win the Champions league they would find some kind of fault, as there is a mindset to critisize at every opportunity. In the papers over the last 2 days we have some clear examples.....

Angela Moreno wrote in yesterday's La Opinionthat ;

"Real Murcia's signings only generate doubts and don't create expectation. ¿Who is that? This is the question after a new signing is confirmed. Apart from Richi, the signings of Luciano, Gago, Dani Hernandez, Carles, Cañadas and Abraham Noe are an incognito for the supporters, who prefer to joke that Real Murcia now have, just like Real Madrid, one Gago and one Albiol".

How about a vote of confidence? How about leaving some margin to see if they are any good? Low expectations? Why then have the club sold more season tickets to date than the last 2 seasons? Any passing interest in Segunda B and you would be at least a little familiar with all of these players.....and what was the expectation...¿signing Ronaldo or Messi? In my experience Real Murcia's best sides have been made up of lesser players from smaller teams that see this as their big chance.....they work hard and stay out of the bars. And we are skint Angela, in case you hadn't noticed.

Serial critic Juan Ignacio de Ibarra is as per usual his rancid and damaging self in his opinion column in today's La Verdad.

"Real Murcia is close to having 2,000 season ticket holders (he should have added the word already, but chose not to do so). I think that's too many in relation to whats on offer. Because never, in 80 years of history of the league, has such an unattractive panorama been offered to the supporters. The last week in July, in reality and traditionally, is the start of the season. Despite the fact that the world cup finished a few days ago, spanish teams of all categories have played their first games, because, by now, clubs working with a minimum of coherency, have already done 90% of their work".

This is complete bollocks. All teams are still a long way from having their full squads. The "unattractive panorama", never equaled in 80 years of history can only be for those with split loyalties (of course towards real Madrid and Barcelona). What a short memory. In 80 years we have played even in tercera, at a decrepit stadium, had players locked in the dressing rooms demanding salaries, and have been on the brink, literally, on many occasions. Ibarra titles his piece "Private and Foreign property"....this a criticism of the clubs owners from madrid and that the new manager is from the basque country and the new reserve coach is from Galicia. Ibarra's problem is that he no longer has a red carpet layed in front of him when he arrives at the club. He has a massively over inflated opinion of himself.....understandably, given the buffoons at the local council have even named a street after him, get this, with no irony whatsoever, "Calle MAESTRO Ibarra". The maestro should remember that in 1997/8, with the club dying, only his hated Samper had the balls and the vision to take the club over for a few quid. Be he better or worse (I for one cannot agree with his management style or his selection of directors), he has still paid the wages and maintained the club, and given it the new stadium that was 40 years in tha making actually become a reality.
You Ibarra, chose to sell your soul to Quique Pina and his newly found "Ciudad de Murcia", a team whose only aim was to replace the historic Real Murcia...even going as far as to wear the same colours. It nearly happened.....and then you were sold out by Pina (exactly the type of local businessman you seem to be demanding), who took his club elsewhere. If you feel it is private and foreign, it is becuase YOU abandoned it and can no longer be considered part. Those of us who were and are loyal, see the new season as wholly attractive.....a new start.

Ibarra closes his article with ... "with this panorama, 2,000 Murcianos have signed up for the new season (again, no already). These are people from Murcia. And of Real Murcia, They are those magnificent people that say -Me, with Real Murcia, whatever and wherever. A good example for this unbelievable president who insisted in telling the faithful that thay should realise that the club is private property".

I can't understand people who stop their support because they don't like the owner. Owners come and go.....the shirt still goes out to defend the club.....our club. He even takes the piss out of those of us who choose to be with Real Murcia through thick and thin, which is really insulting. Good job we didn't all fuck off to Ciudad like you did Ibarra. What a clown.

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