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Monday, July 19, 2010

Iñaki Alonso confirmed....and not much else....

Iñaki Alonso has been confirmed as manager for the 2010 - 1022 season. Good luck to him....he will be officially presented this afternoon - interested to see what he has to say.

As far as the playing staff are concerned, there needs to be plently of movement today and tomorrow, as it looks like pre-season training will start on Wednesday. To give you an are the players from last season squad who have already gone :

Iñaki Bea
Pere Marti
Van Den Boogaart

Of these only Bea, Bruno and Pereyra were anywhere good enough. Natalio was a shocking professional who refused to put his foot in when it mattered. Luque's only significant contribution was to miss a penalty, Marti played about 10 minutes and Van Den Boogie didn't play at all.....

Players under contract.....

De Coz
Xisco Campos
Sergio Escudero
Oscar Sanchez
Miguel Albiol
Mario Rosas
Dani Aquino

Of these, director of football Sergio Fernandez will have to negociate with almost all; some their departure from the club as in segunda B Real Murcia cannot afford their wages (Mejia, Capdevila, Despotovic, Mario Rosas and Oscar Sanchez), some to adjust their contracts downwards (Alberto, Albiol, Pedro, Quique, Chando) but with agreement that in the case of promotion, better deals for the return to segunda. The rest.....will be looking to rescind their contracts and look for other clubs.

Sergio Escudero looks like he will be signing for either Zaragoza or Deportivo La Coruña.....for around 1,8 million euros, plus 25% of any future transfer. In Elche they are sure of signing Chando.

Coming in, it looks like keeper Dani Hernandez, the return of Richi from Tenerife, and Indiano from Atletico Madrid B.

To add to the mess and confusion, apparently 20 players have lodged a complaint with the AFP (professional footballers association) against the club for non payment of wages. The club don't seem too worried by this.....oh joy!

Better news is that over 1,000 have already renewed their season tickets in the first week. More than expected....this depite the chaos that seems to surrond the club right now. Hopefully things will become clearer as the week progresses.

Photo : Iñaki won't need that jacket in Murcia son!

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