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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Proud and humble footy.....

Excellent article this morning in La Verdad (can you imagine a newspaper called “The Truth”?) by ex captain Juanma Valero, which echoes my thoughts on the Spain – Poland game and it’s insignificance compared to the Real Murcia – Las Palmas clash on Sunday.

“Now that Spain’s insignificant kickabout is done, let the football start. Real football. Not the one of camera flashes and occasional supporters doing the Mexican wave, but of proud and humble football. Real Murcia and Las Palmas with relegation to Segunda B at stake, to avoid playing at places that Cesc Fabregas doesn’t even know exist. I can’t deny that Spain’s game could be a nice starter, the olives before the steak. But on Sunday evening, the Nueva Condomina will have staged 2 games in less than seven days, and only one of them will have mattered. In play, Real Murcia’s survival in the second division, and who knows if something more important.”

The situation is clear. Las Palmas have 48 points. Real Murcia has 46. If we beat them we go above them in the table. The fact that Huesca (46 points) play Cadiz (47 points) also means that Murcia will go above either of those teams, or both in case of a draw and a Murcia victory. There is also a Cordoba (49 points) against Real Union (46 points) that will either see Cordoba safe or Real Union in real trouble. I expect Gimnastic (48 points) to guarantee safety against Elche, and Albacete (46 points) to overcome Gerona who, with 51 points, seem to be safe. Salamanca (48 points) have a difficult home game against Betis, who must win in their race for promotion. As Castellon are already down, there are 9 teams for 3 places. Real Murcia’s last game is at safe Gerona……where I’m sure, if we only needed a draw, it could be “arranged”.

Uncle Sam Samper gives a boring interview in La Opinion, basically discussing his conflicts with the local council. As if we could care this week. With the new stadium, built by Samper but municipal property, not having an agreement for exclusive use by Real Murcia, the club has not been able to use the facility for other events, or develop the surroundings to generate further match day revenue. Of course Uncle Sam isn’t happy, and is pressuring to get these negotiations moving. He states (probably rightly) that if results on the pitch were better, the relationship with the authorities would probably be better. And that he wants the city to dedicate some land so that he can develop a training facility that the club desperately needs.

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