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Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Long And Winding Road........

That leads to....Girona.

The whole season comes down to 90 minutes from 6 p.m. on Saturday. As a certain red faced Sir would say..."squeaky bum time" has well and truly arrived. The Montilivi stadium has a capacity of 7.000, of which they have given 10% to Real Murcia supporters. Girona are also in need of a point to be absolutely sure of safety, as defeat, allied to wins for Albacete, Las Palmas, Salamanca, Huesca and Cadiz would see them relegated. Sounds far fetched? This is Spain remember....and those 5 sides are playing against sides with nada to play for, expect for the briefcases full of fresh euro that seem to circulate freely at this time of year. The grease up for victory is considered a fair trade......but never for defeat....that is another thing completely.

A draw will almost certainly not be enough for us. However...I don't know why but I feel pretty confident we can get the result, and that somehow money will mean one of the 5 that need to win to relegate Girona will slip up, and come 8 p.m., everybody will be happy. I know overconfidence is a bad thing (Spain proved that yesterday), but I can see that the squad is concentrated and focused, rather than over confident, despite 3 wins from the last 3 games.

I am not sure how to get to Girona.....bus is about 10 hours each way, and I hate buses. It's a long drive. Maybe drive and stay overnight.....we'll see.

Butterflies. Shakes. Nerves. Definitively.......Squeaky bum time.

Photo : The infamous Maletin could be the most important player come Saturday.

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