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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Meeting of Minds.....

“La Opinion” carries an interesting interview with central defender Sergio Fernandez. If we as supporters had the impression that some of the squad were not pulling their weight, then Sergio just confirmed it. “In this squad there has been little commitment and implication to have avoided relegation, because many players forgot that they were defending a historic club with more than 100 years of history”. “Simply, we can’t make any positive balance whatsoever; things have been done badly which have finally lead to us going down. In any case, we must be clear that we can only learn from this year, and must analyze what has been bad from the very start”. For me Sergio was one of the few successes of this season – and always seemed to give his all. “There is no doubt this was one of the worst moments of my career. I don’t think any of us can imagine the magnitude of this disaster. But not all is lost, in Murcia we can see that the team has a big following, and with that base we can work towards achieving new objectives in the short term”.

“El Faro” sarcastically points out that Real Murcia’s first steps for next season take place in Madrid (in clear reference to the fact the majority owner and most of the board are from Madrid). Jesus Samper has apparently convened his trusted friends, to start plan the lines of action for the new season. From this meeting it will be clear if the “profound restructure” that Samper has promised, will be only for the playing and coaching staff, or of the dead and incompetent wood will be removed from the board also. The fact that it seems the other directors, those appointed to give the board a more Murciano feel, are not invited. A big worry. Madrileños are noted in the rest of Spain for being Chulos (cocky), and this, if true, would be another show of distain towards the Murcian directors……and I wonder if some or all of them will not present their resignations and spill the beans on the goings on behind closed doors.

In La Verdad, the usually rancid and anti-murcia Garcia Granero reports that Jesus Samper has told Ramon Carabante (owner of the Hispania formula 1 team, based in Murcia) that the price for Real Murcia is 45 million euros. 30 to pay off debt, and 15 for his shares. Carabante said that “If I did want to buy, it wouldn’t be at that price”. According to the article, Samper informed Carabante “If someone wants to buy, fine, and if not, the guy who is staying put is me”. Carabante added that he saw Samper as “absolutely convinced that promotion back to the second division could be achieved in a year”.

Let’s see what the outcome of the meeting is……


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