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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Football, or cult of personality?

Tonight, Murcia and the Levante area in general will be fully behind the Spanish national side, who play their last preparation game for the World Cup at the Nueva Condomina against Poland. It will be packed. Everyone will be dressed in red. Everyone will shout for Spain. Atmosphere. Inconditional support. For a sparring, a friendly, a game in which neither team has anything at stake, and no player will want to take the risk of injury before departing for South Africa. Boredom guaranteed. Why bother? Yesterday, Spain's training session attracted more supporters to the stadium than most competitive Real Murcia games over the last 2 seasons. Will these same people, supposedly real football supporters, again fill the stadium on Sunday with the colour red, the shouts, the atmosphere and inconditional support, for a life or death match, a real battle, a game where both teams have survival at stake, and will risk everything to obtain the massive 3 points on offer?

Sorry to say but, in Murcia, the majority see football as Real Madrid, Barcelona, Spain, and not much else. Seeing Xavi make two passes or Sergio Ramos adjusting his alice band, is more futbol than 11 Peppermen fighting for survival. I have to ask if Real Murcia's lack of success is directly related to a historical lack of general support?

I could have gone tonight, but won't. It means absolutely nothing. Sunday is full of meaning. A six pointer. As the article in today's El Faro paper said, sunday's game is "no apto para cardiacos" .... if you have heart trouble....don't go.


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