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Monday, June 28, 2010

The Final Straw ( warned!)

It can always get worse. But not much. Yesterday was the final straw.....when that pocket tank with an assasins face, Carlos Tevez scored his second goal, a well taken but fortunate goal against Mexico, I turned the telly off and promised not to watch another game until Real Murcia's first pre season outing.

Tevez collected the ball after a couple fluke rebounds...the ball just sat up perfectly in the perfect place. Just another example of the footballing gods laughing their heads off at us. And this after Tevez had scored a massively obvious six feet offside opener, that conditioned the rest of the game. They showed it as such by error on the big screen in the stadium. What was the linesman doing? Either scratching his arse, looking at a bird in the crowd, or this feet or the sky, eating a bag of nuts.....because to have missed this offside there is absolutely no way he was looking across the pitch.

Earlier....well....although England were well beaten, granted. I'm sure it would have been a different story if we had got back to 2 - 2, but, yep, another lineo had his head up his backside just at the wrong moment. I was already out on the patio rolling around screaming "GOOOOOOOOOOOOOL" like an idiot before someone came out and told me the officials hadn't given it. WTF!!!!!!

Real Murcia were relegated after a ref gave a terrible last minute penalty decision.....the kick saved, but, there you go again, the ball, through spin and increbidle misfortune, trickling over the line. All season we were the victims of terrible officials. Every borderline goal against was given, every borderline goal scored was disallowed. Without exception. Opposition forwards were allowed to bundle our keeper...and this is 2010, not 1950. The number of lucky rebound goals against us was just unbelieveable...and our goals scored column should have been higher for the sheer quality of the ones we did score. No flukes. No borderlines.

Why are the decisions and fate favouring despicable cheats like Maradona and unsupported clubs like Girona? The Gods or fate we can't do much about, but it is high time that buffoon Blatter and his chum Platini realised that refereeing has plummeted to new depths, and that big decisions need to be out of their hands. Rugby, Cricket and even snooker (!) use technology......why the delay?

This is the worst World Cup ever, and by a massive stretch. Piss poor officials, poor play, a ball more apt on a beach that for a serious tournament, terrible pitches, world class chavs like Maradona getting all the luck....all topped with the sound of those bloody Vuvuzelas!!!!

Arsenal, England, Real Murcia.....uffff....what a year.

I'll get my coat.

Photos : Political correctness gone mad. Even the blind can officiate.

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  1. I think we `ed still have lost at 2-2, looking at how outpaced the defenders were. What worries me about England in the long term is that will be loads of media attention on who should be the trainer, but we have a problem developing young players with passing ability and the money in the premier league encourages clubs to buy foreign players. STEVE