Monday, March 25, 2013

Elche 1 Real Murcia 0

Logical. I know all the old claims that we are Real Murcia and that means we are the “King of segunda” and don’t need to fear anyone, but the facts are we are a club under extreme pressure, with little support (either institutional or in terms of crowd numbers and attitude), and an away game at the runaway leader is no time to expect a win.

And so it turned out. Elche were superior, and the excellent Javi Jiménez avoided a heavier defeat. There were periods of the game where we controlled, but were condemned by the slowness of our central defenders, who were turned far too often, and let Elche forwards get into space between them, and out lack of punch up front. Both problems are alarming, as there is no cover. Plus the 3 defeats in a row have drained any confidence, and given weapons for the preachers of doom to spread poison and ill feeling towards the players. This is wrong. Any accusations of laziness or that they just don’t care are wrong. I saw a lot of attitude yesterday, and the faces and gestures of the players at the final whistle are far from those of a group of players going through the motions.

As fans we can only, pick ourselves up, and back the team again next weekend. What else can we do? Protests over planning and the way the club is run have a time and a place, and that isn’t while the ball is in play.

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