Friday, June 15, 2012

New Dawn?

The season tickets for next season will be on sale from next Monday 18th June. The prices have been minimally reduced – the club preferring to ignore the German model of low prices to fill the stadium – to stick with Real owner Samper’s method of betting on good results to obtain higher prices on match-day sales of tickets. This has backfired year after year – maybe an empty stadium doesn’t inspire our players or intimidate referees into fair treatment.

The promised reductions don’t really amount to much, around 10% in total. There are some new categories, for the unemployed and for the under 25’s (Grada Joven). This hasn’t really been thought through. If the object was to create a cheaper option for the young, it will fail miserably. In their wisdom they have limited this to the “Lateral inferior” – the usual price for this sector is €360 – under 25’s have a 40% discount, so €216. Compare this to the €180 for behind the goals (not taking into account any discounts). Any short of cash youngster will take the cheaper option. I suspect that, this badly conceived “offer” will fall flat on it’s face. 

Full list of prices here

Apologies for lack of blog......been a busy boy.

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