Sunday, October 16, 2011

Huesca 2 Real Murcia 2

I suppose a draw after going 2 - nil down isn't a bad result. But when you look at the game you have to think that we should have won all three points. Huesca's first goal was a gift from the referee, awarding the softest penalty ever, despite the fact no Huesca player even claimed it. Oscar Sanchez may have touched the attacker ever so lighty, but never enought to merit a penalty. For the second we fell asleep. After then it was the Emilio show. He scored an excellent free-kick, and then blasted in from just outside the box to level the scores. After that...well, we seemed to sit back.

Sastre - Rivas - Josetxo - Clavero
Javi Martínez (Toni 61') - Camacho - Luis Helguera - Gilvan (Jokin Esparza 61')
Roberto - Tariq (Molina 34')

Molinero - Jorge - Amaya - Óscar Sánchez
Iturra - Richi - Isaac Jové (Cerrajería 66') - Emilio Sánchez (Rubén Párraga 82')
Pedro (Cristian García 71') - Chando

1-0 Camacho 18' (pen)
2-0 Luis Helguera 21'
2-1 Emilio Sánchez 29'
2-2 Emilio Sánchez 57'

REFEREE: Mr. Mariscal Sánchez (Andaluz). Same shit different week.

I know this is just going to sound like a whinge that every fan makes about referees sooner or later....but his is just getting ridiculous. We had another good shout turned down yesterday, so we are now 0 from 13....0% awarded in favour. We have had 4 shouts against us (I'm not calling yesterday's a shout as no-one did) so we are 4 from 4 pens awarded against us...100%. Now you can say I'm biased (and I am), but that would only make the statistic look slightly better. The fact is that if the cliché that "it all evens itself out in the end" is right, these figures should be 50/50....and they are a long way from that. From my blinkered view we are being punished for something, I don't have a clue what. It can't be that the mearest touch (v Huesca), or an accidental handball (v Valladolid) are penalties against us, yet our players can be clobbered by opposition keepers (v Xerez), have a defender block a cross like a volleyball player (Numancia) or have a leg broken by a defender(v Elche) and play be waved on.

It's about time someone in the club (owner Jesús Samper, for example) thumped their fist on the table and said "enough is enough!" and asked for an explanation. The three examples I mention were so obvious, so definate, so 100% stick on, that one can only have thoughts of conspiracies, however absurd I always find those theories. But i'll sit while I wait for him to do so, as it won't happen. Samper has too many business self-interests with the Real Federación to risk rocking the boat in any shape or form. So do we as supporters have to burn some barricades or smash some windows to have our voice heard? That's not the way....but the total inaction of the club's owner and directors is extremely frustrating.

It's as they say in Spain....."el que no llora, no mama"....a baby who doesn't cry, gets no milk.....and it's about time we had had a good old snotty wet loud sob in the ears of anyone that matters.

Photo : Emilio Sanchez (19 He's magic!), is mobbed after scoring.

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