Sunday, September 18, 2011

Valladolid 1 Real Murcia 3

During the week the nervous, weak and gutless preachers of doom were having it all their own way. They talked of a team made up of everyone else'e rejects, a coach incapable at this level, a squad put together late and badly, and of impending relegation. After watching Real's games, my impression was clear.....don't panic. Football's inponderables had been against us, and details meant we hadn't gained a victory. Yesterday they balanced. Yes we still have all our first choice forwards out injured, yes we had a referee very willing to send off and award penalties against us....but this side, despite swimming against the tide, demonstrated a togetherness and a team, hardworking ethic, that finally and deservedly bore fruit.

Special mention to keeper Alberto, who made a vital penalty save when we had just gone down to 10 men, and to Iturra who was everywhere....what a great signing. His goal summed up his performance, desire, power, a cool head and great finish, all in the 87th minute. But let's not get carried away. It's a very good win at one of the favorites for promotion, but has to be followed up with a win at home against Numancia next weekend.

Mongil - Juanito - Rueda - Peña
Nauzet Alemán (Sisi 68') - Baraja (Jofré 46') - Bueno
Óscar (Víctor Pérez 46') - Javi Guerra

Saint Alberto
Oriol - Jorge - Amaya - Óscar Sánchez
Aguilera - Iturra - Mario Marín (Molinero 79’) - Richi (Sutil 68')
Pedro - Borja (Isaac Jové 34')

0-1 Baraja o.g. 7'
0-2 Richi 16'
1-2 Javi Guerra 86'
1-3 Iturra 87'

Referee: Mr. Amoedo Chas. OK I suppose.

So, a dramatic improvement in result after a similar performance. A lesson to the people who lost their cool. This is no sprint, it's a marathon.....and you are always going to have ups and downs in a long season. I just think we had all our bad luck at the start.

As Steve commented this week....KEEP THE FAITH!

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  1. fantastic! - I jumped off my seat at the third goal. now for a home win and some breathing space below us in the table.