Monday, July 4, 2011

One Soul.....Two Halves.

There are 2 very distinct sets of supporters at Real Murcia.

Group 1 : The most numerous. Tend to be the older generation, and are always harping on about how long they have been supporting the club, or a younger aloof inteligencia who look down with distain on group 2. Criticise only Real Murcia players, never the opposition. Regard owner Jesús Samper as an outsider, who is only here for business and to thieve from the locals. Use what would normally be hate figures as their examples with which they berate the club. Unlikely to wear any club colours, lest we lose and they be confused with the mugs that support the club. Conversation with them usually leads to an admission of unfaithfulness with either Madrid or Barcelona (never any other bunch of losers). Demand expensive and immediate signings, regardless of the clubs financial plight. Confuse support of the 11 players on the pitch with support for Mr. Samper. Grumblingly renew their season tickets after threatening not to do so in protest at the clubs perceived inactivity in the transfer market. Are convinced group 2's blind faith is ultimately counterproductive and damages the club.

Group 2 : The minority. Tend to be a younger crowd, have Real Murcia as their only team, and defend them "in sickness and in health". Vociferous. Sometimes perhaps blindly accept all our sometimes inept directors business and football decisions. Transmit confidence from the stands and help the team recover from any setbacks. Renew their season tickets as soon as they can, regardless of transfer comings and goings. Wear club shirts and scarves to games. Are convinced group 1 are a millstone around the clubs neck.

There is a deep seated issue here - trust. 2's trust that the players, officials and management are actually trying to do their best, even if thing's don't turn out as intended. 1's deeply mistrust everyone concerned, and think that the only way to get them to run faster or try harder is to call them a dog. Everyone's motives are in question.

All I know is that, from my "English fan" perspective, I have rarely seen the crowd win a game for us. Occasionally, yes, but more often I've seen the group 1's make the players nervous and blow a lead or concede a last miniute winner. And only chirp up to sing as one when it's to ask for the manager's head. I also know that good players become bad ones if they lose confidence. And mediocre players can have good games, given support.

1's and 2's need to agree to disagree on all other matters - but when 11 men come out with all those crowns on their chests, I can see no other way but to get behind them 100%. Anything else, just doesn't help.

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