Friday, July 1, 2011

In Sickness And In Health......

Yesterday was the last day clubs in Segunda B and had to settle their accounts with players or face "administrative relegation" to the division immediately below them. Usually this means last minute fixes and clubs saved at the bell. So how bad have things got when all these clubs have been relegated :

From Segunda B to Tercera :
Cultural Leonesa
Poli Ejido
Rayo Vallecano B
Universidad de las Palmas

Teams that were already relegated from Segunda B to Tercera, and have been descended a further category for non payment (So will play in Preferente):
Cerro Reyes
La Muela

This is terrible for cities like Castellón and León, Palencia or El Ejido, and makes very clear to the lazy and inept suits at the RFEF that serious reform is need of both the segunda B and tercera structure, along with the rules by which clubs are run. It also makes plain the fact that in Spain there is little or no life after Madrid and Barcelona. Unless you are in Primera and to some (minimum) extent Segunda.....your stadium will be empty and your coffers too. Zero TV money, zero sponsorship......can you imagine not seeing goals from the Coca-Cola Leagues one and two each weekend on Sky? Unthinkable. In Spain.....third and fourth levels are unmarketable. If that is due to no demand or no ability to create a a chicken and egg question.

The possible relegations aren't finished yet. Primera and Segunda clubs have until 30th July to solve their money troubles with players.

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