Monday, June 6, 2011

Sabadell 1 Real Murcia 0

Weird. I know the real prize for both Sabadell and Real Murcia was the promotion that both had already earned, but to see the ground three quarters empty for a final with a nice pot in play was quite a surprise. Well, not really....

You will see from our line up that we let most of the first 11 have a rest, some injured, some for "tactical reasons"....but the players that came in did a good job. I thought we looked a far better outfit than Sabadell, and but for being wasteful in front of goal (Kike the worst culprit), the referee not awarding us a stonewall penalty, and a late soft flukey rebounded goal, should have won.

CE Sabadell:
De Navas
Chapi Arnau - Pagés (Agustín 51’) - Toni Lao - Alex Ruiz
Robles - Raúl Rodríguez (Marc Fernández 70’) - Fito Miranda (Isaac Cuenca 63’) - Albert Puigdollers
Eneko - Joaquín

Real Murcia:
Ander Gago - Luciano - Cámara - Góngora
Carles - Urzaiz - Mario Marín (Isaac Jové 80’) - Cañadas (Pedro 72’)
Molino (Abraham 77’) - Kike

1-0 Isaac Cuenca (85’)

Referee: Mr. Ripoll Solano. Blind.

The return leg of the segunda B final is on Sunday 12th at 6.45 p.m. at the new Condomina. Let's hope in Murcia we are able to at least half fill our stadium! But i'm not very optimistic. When the main prize is gone, the excuses are many.

"Nothing to play for"
"It's only segunda B"
"Going to a wedding / Cristening / Communion"
"I'm off to the beach"
"tickets are too expensive"
"I'm washing my hair"
"I get depressed on Sunday afternoons and can't get my arse off the sofa"
"My second cousins friends brother's dog is having puppies"

Most people are using this.....

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