Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Coming or Going.....

New coordinator of football (Sergio Fernandez's replacement) Jose Luis Molina is a busy fellow right now. Theres plenty to sort out.....players out of contract who have to be told their future lies elsewhere or are to be offered new deals, players with contracts who may have to move on, homegrown players who may be loaned out, new signings to be made. He'll need to keep his phone charger close at had, his cell is going to be overheating.

Sifting through the press (so no real facts) it seems players departing for sure are Abraham Noé, Ruben Rosquete and Alvaro Camara - players who have contributed little. To add to these we have Antonio Cañadas and Dani Aquino who are special cases.

Antonio Cañadas showed 110% committment...he's a Real Murcia fan....scored serveral goals and is a free kick specialist, something that will be important in segunda. Surely there must be space in a 25 man squad for him....I can imagine a boring 0 - 0 draw and having an "edge of box" free kick in the 89th minute....having Cañadas on the bench would get you points in that situation - plus he gives the squad a feelgood factor, a good teammate...he feels the club. For me it would be a mistake to let him go.

Dani Aquino it very talented but wayward. Sometimes he seems to lack concentration, and is rumored to like propping up a bar (but then show me a 20 year old that doesn't!), and has been plagued by injury over the last 2 seasons. Just when it seems he is coming into some form (again, he's another that can deliver a great dead ball) the club appear to have decided not to offer him a new deal. He's another who clearly loves the club - his father starred at the end of the 80's and in the 90's, and he coming up through the youth ranks. I think that if he gets his head right he'll be a player for primera.....but if he doesn't he'll end up in segunda B or tercera. Well worth another chance.

Players from the reserves who have had a role this last season - Urzaiz and Mario Marín may be loaned out. Why? I think a vote of confidence for them is needed.....not to be first 11, but they are very good replacements (and Mario Marín should surely be destined to be our first choice full back for years to come). To bring in 2 journeymen to fill the squad instead of these 2.....you may be bringing in a bad apple (a lesson that should have been learnt from the 09/10 relegation season) and I feel wouldn't be the right thing to do.

Interesting couple of weeks coming up.

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