Friday, May 20, 2011

Don't Miss.....

Come on....all you in down at La Manga.....Real Murcia Needs You! As a friend said....we are only 44 games away from primera....but the first 2 are where we most need support.

What better game to go to.....big stakes, great atmosphere, the best stadium in Spain....easy to get to, easy to get back from, easy parking, easy to get tickets....

I'll do a Delia and say....WHERE ARE YOU? LETS BE AVIN YOU!


  1. getting excited now. How are the tickets selling? do you know?

  2. Sorry Guiri, one Spurs supporter and friend coming up from Mazarron tomorrow. Tickets bought during week on shopping trip. Looking for good 1st leg win. Chris

  3. Yesterday they said around 5900 sold...including 2000 that the Murcia "ayuntamiento" (Council) had purchased to distrubute in schools. Nice touch. Think we will be around 17 or 18,000....but in Murcia you never know, suddenly there may be a movement for farmyard animals up to the NC!

    Chris....I know someone that can cure you ;-) ....champions league, yer avin a laugh...etc....hahaha. Enjoy the game.


  4. Hi Gavin,

    My heart's beating faster than the speed of sound, and my "grana" blood is boiling like lava in a volcano....
    Just like this fabulous song from Gary Moore: "I can't Wait Until Tomorrow"

    See you tomorrow, my friend!

    King Wolf