Friday, May 6, 2011

All Cleared Up.....

As expected.....the excellent Iñaki Alonso gave a perfect response and a clear explanation of the rumours of the last few days. At his press conference this morning he said :

"I've been offered to teams and I knew nothing of it. I do have my responsability as I didn't manage what my agent has done. I apologise to Real Murcia, the clubs employees and the fans"

"I'm not going to manage FC Cartagena"

"The Samper's have showed they have confidence in me. I am proud that they talk well of me. Both Jesus and Juan Antonio have told me that i'll be the manager of Real Murcia in primera"

"Thanks to Real Murcia - I'm at the club I want to be at, there is no doubt, I want to renew (contract) with Real Murcia"

"My family and I live this project at sons go to school in Real shirts"

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  1. Excellent news - and just as you thought!

    Onward into the playoffs..........