Monday, April 25, 2011

Real Murcia 3 Lorca 1

Before the game started we all knew that Sevilla B had drawn their game at Roquetas.....the kind of draw that hurts, after being 2 nil up, Roquetas equalized with the last kick. That meant that we could go six points clear, plus goal average in out favour, if we could see off Lorca. All seemed to be going to plan after Pedro smashed us ahead after a great control.....but then we seemed to have a mad 5 minutes each side of half time, Lorca should have gone in level after hitting the bar and missing quite easy chances before the break, and then deservedly equalized a few seconds into the second half. We can afford to switch off in this manner during play off games. The rest of the match we took control and ran out clear winners. Another brilliant free kick from Cañadas for the third.

Real Murcia:
Saint Alberto
Mario Marín - Iván Amaya - Luciano (Cañadas 32') - Óscar Sánchez
Aguilera - Cámara - Pedro - Molino (Aquino 65')
Kike (Isaac 57') - Chando.

Adrián (Meca 75') - Toño - Olivares - Méndez
Aarón - Diop - Jorge Pérez (Antonio 65') - Sebas
Lorca (Josemi 80') - Quintero.

1-0 Pedro 21'
1-1 Sebas 46'
2-1 Óscar Sánchez 67'
3-1 Cañadas 74'

Referee: Mr. Bosch Domenech. Odd strange one, but overall didn't influence the result.

Attendance : 6.252. Poor.....why? We are winning, are top, are at the business end of the season....what is that keeps people away? A few drops of rain? Fer fecks sake....

Mario Marin came in for Ander Gago at right back.....and as with each performance this season he looks better. Cool in defence, dangerous in attack, excellent control. Unhurried and assured. Another local, club product who could have a big future.

Next.....Caravaca away. They want to play the game somewhere other than in Caravaca as they have their fiestas and the temporary stands have been taken from their ground. It's just sooo Spanish football not to know the date, time or venue of a game just 7 days away.


  1. As Murcia have beaten and drawn with Sevilla B, doesn't that mean that 3 points guarantees first place rather than having to worry about goal difference?

  2. That's correct. Three more points guarantees us top spot.

  3. Excellent :) Never sure about the different rules in each Country / League about this ... I'm used to goal difference deciding.