Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Better Than Barsa


Yesterday's national daily "ABC" carried a story titled "Real Murcia and their reserves, least goals conceded in Spain".

"Real Murcia, leader of group 4 of Segunda B, and their reserves, who sit third in group 13 of Tercera, are the two teams with the least goals conceded in national category of Spanish football, each with only 16 goals against in 34 league games"

The numbers of Iñaki Alonso's team and their reserves are almost identical, the first team have 73 points, one more than Real Murcia Imperial, each having scored 59 and conceded 16"

In Primera, Segunda, Segunda B and Tercera there is no other team who have received less goals, not even Barcelona, who have let in 17 goals in 32 games"

I don't think it can be a fluke. The coaching staff at the club must take great credit....and the fact that new technical director Sergio Fernandez was a central defender.....coincidence?


  1. Blimey!! From what you've blogged before to get press coverage in a national daily is awesome & very much deserved,it puts the local rag(S)to shame.Every body at the club deserves all the praise getthey have done a wonderful job so far this season promotion would be the icing on the cake & we have played some decent football this year.Come on you rojas!!!!

  2. What a staggering statistic! not just best in the country but 1st and 2nd best!! What an easy backpage headline for the local papers- let us know what they say, if anything!

  3. It was always more likely to get recognition from outside Murcia. Here, supporters are like a sect.....considered strange by the sheep.