Sunday, March 6, 2011

Estepona 1 Real Murcia 4

Despite Estepona's lowly position in the table, this wasn't going to be easy given our recent dodgy form, a plastic pitch on which the ball bounced and bounced and bounced, heavy rain before the game and the usual fact that in this division opposition players have extra motivation playing against Real Murcia; it is the most attractive home game of the season.

For the first 20 or 25 minutes it looked like we were struggling with the conditions. The ref did his best to make himself the centre of attention with 2 red cards, and gave out cards without any type of set criteria. The game changed on a masterstroke by coach Iñaki Alonso; replacing booked Aguilera (who looked ungainly on the hard surface) with Cañadas. Immediately this gave more control in midfield, more poise, and.....goals. His first was a brilliantly executed free kick. The second was a fluke as Estepona's keeper completely misjudged another free kick. Chando added the third after some great interplay with Pedro, and the fourth was a team effort, Aquino selflessly setting up Cañadas for his hat-trick.

Gaitán (Igna, 45') - Ríos - Curro - Durán (Eloy 66')
Arias - Gil - Raúl - Rubén Cruz
Adri - Valencia (Cabello 45')

Real Murcia:
Ander Gago - Luciano - Iván Amaya - Óscar Sánchez
Urzaiz - Aguilera (Cañadas 33') - Albiol - Pedro
Kike (Isaac 67') - Chando (Aquino, 80')

0-1 Cañadas 38'
0-2 Cañadas 54'
1-2 Rubén Cruz 71'
1-3 Chando 78'
1-4 Cañadas 86'

Referee: Mr. Suárez Betancor. Crap. After correctly sending off an Estepona player for an elbow on Aguilera, I told my son who was watching with me that we had to be careful as he would look to dismiss a Real Murcia player given any chance. Just a couple of minutes later Ander Gago made just this mistake, taking out an attacker when he had no need to; a clear yellow.....but the ref was desperate not to upset the home crowd, and brandished a red. In the second half he let Estepona get away with some very rough tackles. Week after week we usually see refs not book anyone in the first half and then give a display of silly cardwaving in the second half. Today he didn't wait, gave the silly display first half and then had to let a lot go in the second in order not to finish 7 against 7.

So, another 4 goal haul for Real, and a brilliant tactical change by Iñaki Alonso. I wonder what our friends the local hacks will complain or criticise this week? Lack of goals or the coach are out of the bet is they will be on president Samper's back, they'll find something.

The good news was compounded this evening with the news that Sevilla B could only get a draw at we are back on top! Now....let's make sure we don't lose that position again.

Next game is at home to Betis B on Sunday 13th at 5.30 p.m. (4.30 p.m. UK time).


  1. This was the worst game I've seen [on TV!] the pitch was farcical - looked every bit like a school gym game. Nice to see the score and time on the screen though! Two good free kicks from non-existant fouls, at least that was even. The fourth goal was sublime :-) Still, we came out with 4 goals and 3 points and ended up top again.

  2. Pete said...

    "... Two good free kicks from non-existant fouls..."

    Gavin, esto qué es? guiris rancios?

    p.d:Pete don't worry, just joking!

  3. Pete....this is why we HAVE to get out of the division. Playing at places (with all due respect) like Estepona, Jumilla, Alcala....or against Sevilla or Betis reserves.....not wanting to sound snobish....should be below Real Murcia. The city, the club, the stadium....we should be challenging for a UEFA place, not slumming it in these Andalusian hell-holes.

  4. Definitely - at least it's a massive motivation not to have to go to these places again [with all due respect!]. 18 days until my first game [kick off time permitting]. At least Imperial are playing down the road at Pinatar as a plan B [kick off time permitting]. Would be hilarious if I didn't see either game.