Sunday, February 27, 2011

Back to winning ways please....

Although a home game against a lowly Yeclano should not really create too many worries, teams do come to the New Condomina very motivated, as at this level you don't get to play in front of such a large crowd at such a magnificent stadium very often.....or even in your playing career. Added to this I can feel an undercurrent of sharpening knives.....from Real Murcia fans who expect us to win 8 nil each week, and who, if we are not winning by the 25th minute, will start to turn against the team and coach Iñaki Alonso. I myself have to admit to a certain unease.....we have not been on form, and have lost first place (which as explained is a must for our promotion ambitions), and cannot afford to speculate at all. Alonso seems to be a calm character, never seems to get hot under the collar or be very animated on the touchline. He has my full support, of course, but I can see a section of the crowd are restless at his calm exterior...and think maybe the players need a bit of a kick up the backside as well as the arm around the shoulder that Iñaki seems to do so well. Interesting to see how things go.

I jinxed Richi in my last post saying he was fit....the same day in a warm up game against Juande Ramos's Dnipro from Ukraine, he was injured again. Murcia won 2 - 1, but Kike also took a knock, from a Dnipro side who were descibed as "over physical" by those present.

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