Sunday, January 23, 2011

Step UP Today!

Big big game this afternoon at the New Condomina (17.00 hrs, 16.00 UK via the feed to the club website). A chance to leave matters almost, barring a complete capitulation, clear as far as Cadiz are concerned. With a win, Cadiz would be 11 points away plus goal reality 12 points, which would be almost impossible to recover. I can't see Real Murcia losing 4 games out of the remaining 16, and anything but defeat will leave Cadiz in a bad position. The fourth and fifth place side will still be 8 or 10 points away (again, a gap probably too large to recover), and our main challenge for top spot are Sevilla B, who visit lowly Yeclano later on today. Yeclano have drawn more games than they have lost, so let's hope they can at least stop Sevilla from winning.

So Cadiz must surely come out shooting today as they must win - so I expect a much more open game than most of those we have seen at home this season, where our visitors have "parked the bus" and defended in numbers. A return to Murcia for coach José "Pepico" Gonzalez with whom Real Murcia were relegated last season......I'm a bit indifferent.....he has part of the blame but no more than many (now thankfully gone) lazy, indolent players, incompetent directors and other technical staff.

Iñaki Alonso has asked that the fans really get behind the team and pressurize Cadiz today.....the away fans do it....why not at home? So....if you are going....wrap up warm, it's gonna be cold....but save yer voice for the game, and let's really get behind em'.

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