Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Spanish Cup is ill...

It's FA Cup 4th round weekend, and just watching football focus you can see the esteem with which the competition is held. Stadiums will be full, a non league side will give someone a big scare, everyone, even the minnows, dream of Wembley.

In midweek the Copa Del Rey semi-finals first legs took place. And at all conquering, super, mega, best team-of-all-time (sic) Barcelona, there is an example of why, despite winning everyting, Barsa's finances are in disarray. In a stadium with a 100,000 capacity, only 49,000 bothered to turn up.....for a cup semi final. Can you imagine Old Trafford with only 35,000 for a semi of the FA cup? Or even the first leg of a Carling Cup semi?

Barca, predictably, won 5 - 0, and I'm told there are when they scored the third after just 15 minutes, the TV turn-off was massive. Financial doping, too many advantages, and, admittedly, a great youth system, has made them far too good for the rest to compete with.

Real Murcia travel to Jaén tomorrow after a friendly draw with CSKA Moscow in midweek (1 - 1). Real Jaén pleasantly decided no cameras will be allowed in, so no TV, no internet, it's a choice of going the 350 kms (700 round trip)or the commentary from the excellent and very excitable José Manuel on the official club radio. Undecided.....kick off is at 4 p.m. (3 p.m. UK time) as it seems Jaén don't have any money for electricity. A sad state of affairs, but indicative of what things are like outside of Madrid and Barcelona.

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