Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Same old Sam.....

An open letter from majority shareholder Jesus Samper.....

"After the frustration of last Saturday, which was the final point of a season that can only be described as disappointing, we have picked ourselves up and again worked to continue defending our club, and to change course towards new success.

Without doubt we have made errors this season, from which we have to take the necessary lessons in order not to reteat them. However we are not going to fall into the error of discussing them in public, but are working from now without losing a minute.

My commitment to the club remains intact, despite the fact that the same people as always try to install the fear of a possible abandonment, and the saviours who insist on looking for supposed alternatives to whatever, without a minimum of shame and ignoring the history of our club, in however many fruitless attempts they have tried, guided by dark interests and with one aim, to abandon the club to it's own fate.

I only ask that now is when we need to be united, because our enemies, be they polititians or from the media, come out with barefaced destructive opinion. the solutions can only come from those amonsgt us who really care for the club, capable of pulling together and making commitment.

With this unity our club will be strengthened, and as the principal shareholder, I an working now to construct the future, and no-one can bend our will, however they try.

Our club will begin a profound restructure with the aim of becoming strong both on the field of play and as an institution. The administration process will not be effected by the events on the pitch, despite the fact that it demands we adapt to it's restraints.

Finally I want to apologise to you all as the club's owner, but as I have said before, we are working for the future of our club, convinced that we will again be promoted, and always proud of our history and our stadium.


Bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla.........

For me he talks of learning from mistakes, and of unity, but then makes another massive mistake and provokes division by attacking the press and local politicians. That is a battle you can't win.

I hope the profound restructure includes seeing the back of the bunch of usless amigos and family members installed to the board. The complete lack of a leader to guide the players, give them a kick up the backside or a slap on the back....remind the few that heavy drinking and late nights aren't on, open dissent to the coach isn't either, or to come out and defend them after the horrific and premedited refereeing we have suffered, says a bundle about the supposed "commitment". They just don't get it. The evident indolence has, for me, had a negative effect on events on the pitch. If it is real change.....great.

Before the letter was published, Samper was already on a plane to South Africa (his company, Santa Monica, owns the advertising rights to the Spanish national team). So the immediate and unstinting work has gone on the backburner from day one then.....

Photo : Samper. Would you buy a second hand car from this man?


  1. Podías hablar del equipo en tu blog que lleva tu equipo jejeje Tengo entendido que eres el Manager!!

    Información del torneo:

    PD: Pido disculpas por no hablar inglés, pero es que no tengo ni idea. Que traduzca Gavin que está en nómina en esta web jeejjeje



  2. I don't like him,he has to leave the club.Samper is a president who seems to be distant to the club,just here un Murcia for business.Now he is critised by Cámara,who helped him to have a hit( I don't know how to say 'dar el pelotazo'in English).Me,and i think that more 'murcianistas',just want him to leave,the future of a club such Real Murcia(102 years)cannot be in his hands.
    And what i think is incredible is that Camara wants OUR CLUB to be replaced by the Sangonera!What is that?!
    Real Murcia forever.Siempre Real Murcia.Monsters aside.
    To the creator of the blog,congratulations,it is very useful,at least for me,who am a student of translation who needs to practice!!Thanks :)