Saturday, June 26, 2010

¿Escudero on the cheap? NO FKIN WAY!

With no details of the meeting of the Madrid based board being in the public domain, today we have a classic example of page filling when there is no news. Eva Franco, who's sole mission seems to be to beat Real Murcia down, wherever they are, in the pages of La Verdad, writes an article stating that Sergio Escudero will be the first player to leave the club. This may be the case, as Escudero has been one of the few successes of the season, and his youth, and the fact he is a left back, means he has attracted interest. Eva states that Villareal, Real Madrid, Zaragoza, Valencia and Sevilla are the clubs that are chasing his signature.

Eva then (for me) makes a typical simpleton mistake. "A few months ago, a few first division clubs commented their interest in counting on his services. At that time, and despite no official version, it was rumored that the price would be around 3 million euros. After relegation, and given the difficult sporting and economic situation that the club is in, these numbers are not real any more, and it is possible that Escudero could leave for an inferior price".

She is thinking that as the club is in debt, there is going to be a clearance sale.....but she forgets that Samper himself is not bankrupt, far from it, he is a very wealthy man. Also, in economic difficulty, WHY SELL CHEAP and reduce your income? It's illogical. And if you have reportedly 5 teams wanting to sign him....even less so. I think the club should sit tight. Evidently Escudero won't want to be stuck in Segunda B, but the club must make the best deal for it's interests, and a fire sale of our prize asset does not make sense. A 3 million price plus extra cash on appearances or if Sergio becomes and international and a percentage of any future transfer.....that is what should happen, given the clubs precariuos situation. Give him away for 2 million....don't make me laugh!

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