Monday, June 7, 2010

Elche 1 Real Murcia 2

I think this was my sixth visit to Elche…’s an away game I like as it’s only half an hour away. This season was by far the best, as we lunched at Santa Pola at the “Mar De Cristal” restaurant, just 10 minutes away from the Martinez Valero stadium. Lots of toast with garlic and tomato, quisquilla prawns, red prawns, followed by 2 types of rice…..negro and abanda. All washed down with Rioja…..”Bai Gorri”. The superb grub and excellent vino really got us in the mood. Surprised at the very low attendance given Elche still had chances of promotion, but really happy at the large and vociferous band of Real Murcia supporters squeezed into a small section of the otherwise closed off upper tier of the stadium. If only the support at our own patch was as good as the away fans, who gave their all (as expected, given the nature of the game)…..even when Elche equalized, they didn’t stop, willing and pushing the team towards goal. No Madrid or Barsa kit spotted amongst us……little by little we are getting there.

Our goals were scored by Dani “Torito” Aquino and Alejandro Torres “Chando”. The second was debatable offside, but the linesman had already ruled out a legal score, again by Chando. And it’s about fkin’ time we had a bit of luck with the officials…… they have consistently turned us over an shafted us all season, so balls to it, we got one back just at the right time. A lot of nerves and gnashing of teeth when scores were level, but a massive outpouring of relief at the final whistle. 2 down, 2 to go. Nice to visit Elche without incident……last 2 visits have involved baton wielding police and stone throwing youth. But's all part of the fun.

Photo : Murcia's number 9. Keep it going Chando, theres a good chap!


  1. Congratulations! I hope that you will write all the weeks and show to the english-world the biggest moments of Real Murcia.

  2. Congrats for this blog, Gavin.

    You make this team even bigger than it already is. GOOD LUCK, so many fans will be grateful to see your comments and news on this blog about our Real Murcia.


  3. Desde murcia te agradecemos tu pasión por el real murcia, AUPA MURCIA!!!

  4. Congratulations. You are, without any doubt, the best foreigner-murciano supporter of the glorious Real Murcia.
    Excuse my grammatical mistakes.
    Come on Real Murcia!

  5. ausome! great stuff, thanks mate